ORGANIC Extra virgin olive oil. 4 x 500 ml. Shipping costs included to EUROPE

Organic EVOO (box of 4x 500 ml)
Very aromatic oil, with intense fruitiness of green olives.
Very lightly filtered and retains all the intensity and color. In the process, each olive has been previously pitted.
Type of olive: 100% picual.
Collection date: October 2022
Collection method: mechanical and vibration.
Storage: stainless steel.
Colour: intense green.
Acidity: 0.07
Consumption suggestion: dressings, toasts, soups, gazpacho, grilled meats, fish and cheeses.
Presentation: transparent glass and non-refillable stopper with dispenser.
Acknowledgments: CAAE. Certified organic production.
The price includes shipping costs to Europe. Rest consult.

74.95 €