EUROPE. Pack of 3 assorted bottles of 500 ml (Family harvest, organic and Early harvest)

Pack 3 EVVO (picual variety) :

1. Family harvest 500 ml. Medium fruity of ripe olives. Fragrant aroma of green leaves, fig and tomato. Light notes of dried fruit. On the palate it presents a sweet entrance with a slightly bitter and spicy touch, balanced. Well structured and medium persistence.

2. Organic EVOO 500 ml. 

Very aromatic oil, with intense fruitiness of green olives.

Very lightly filtered and retains all the intensity and color. In the process, each olive has been previously pitted.

3. Early harvest 500 ml. Very aromatic, intense green oil, with intense green olive fruitiness. Light notes of fresh grass. Fresh and menthol aromas, reminiscent of tomato, banana peel, apples and green almonds.

The price includes shipping costs to Europe. Minimum order: 1 box (3 x 500 ml)

56.95 €

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